Adult Belt Ranks

Salutations Front Position, Right Foot Out at Elbows
Stances Pine Tree, Flamingo, Half Moon, Ground Fighting Stance
Blocking Systems 8 Point Blocking
Hand Strikes (Elbows) Front Two-Knuckle, Reverse Hammer, Back Two-Knuckle, Side Hammer
Kicks (Knees) Front Ball, Side Blade, Upward Knee, Front Instep, Side Thrust
Slap Outs Back, Front, Side, Wall Slap Outs
Rolls Forward, Backward, Left & Right Shoulder to an On Guard Stance, Log Roll to a Ground Fight Stance
Kempos Low / High, Heavy Hammer
Combinations #6, #7
Forms 1 Pinion
Defensive Maneuvers from Grabs Wrist Grabs
Kickboxing Techniques (Kumite) High/ Low Combinations
Awareness Blocking
No-Mind (Mushin) Blocking Drills (Minimum of 25 swings)
Introduction to Martial Arts Horse and Half Moon
Breathing Exercises Diaphragmatic Breathing (sitting, kneeling, standing)
Recommended Text Reading Stretching by Bob Anderson
Blocking Systems 8 Point Blocking w/ Closed Hand Counters, Cross Body Palm Block
Hand Strikes (Elbows) Thrust, Corkscrew, Palm Heel, Upward Circular Hammer, Roundhouse Elbow, Rising Sun Fist, Uppercut, Side Hammer, Backfist, Chop
Kicks (Knees) Back Kick, Heel Kick
Slap Outs Walking Roll
Takedowns Shoulder Twist, Arm Sweep Leg
Kempos Dropping Elbow, Swinging Hammer
Combinations #2, #3
Forms 2 Pinion
Combinations #6, #7
Forms 1 Pinion
Defensive Maneuvers from Grabs from Grabs Back Grabs
Kickboxing Techniques (Kumite) Low/ High Combinations
Grappling (Randori) Push / Pull Kneeling (on 2 knees)
No-Mind (Mushin) Block w/ 1 Counter Strike
Awareness Moving Bag Drills (1-5 count)
Breathing Exercises 3 Step Breathing w/ Tension Release
Recommended Text Reading Living The Martial Way by Morgan Forrest
Stances Cat Stance
Blocking Systems & Techniques 8 Point Blocking w/ Open Hand Strikes, Crossing Fists (upward, downward), Dropping Palm, 2 Handed Blocking
Hand Strikes (Elbows) Spear Hand (heaven & earth), Chicken Wrist, Cross Chop, Cross Tiger Rake
Kicks (Knees) Running Foward Roll to an On Guard Stance
Sweeps & Takedowns Backward Grabbing Pull
Kempos Double Striker, Driving Chops
Combinations #4, #5
Forms 1 Kata
Ju-Jitsu Front Grabs
Sparring Techniques (Kumite) Lateral & Diagonal Combinations
Grabbling (Randori) Push / Pull (on 1 knee)
No-Mind (Mushin) Blocking w/ Two Counters
Awareness Crane Balance Drill, Defend Against Thrown Objects
Breathing Exercises 3 Step Breathing w/ Tension Release
Recommended Text Reading Zen In The Martial Arts by Joe Hyams
Blocking Systems & Techniques 8 Point w/ Open Blocks / Counters
Hand Strikes (Elbows) Back Hand, Circular Palm, Ridge Hand, Hook Punch
Kicks (Knees) Spinning Kicks (back & sides)
Rolls Dive Roll to On Guard Stance
Sweeps & Takedowns Frontal Grabbing (pull)
Kempos even Striker, Spinning Dragon
Combinations #8, #18
Forms 2 Kata
Ju-Jitsu Side Locks
Sparring Techniques (Kumite) Spin Techniques, Ducking
Grappling (Randori) Freestyle Kneeling: Subduing the Opposition
No-Mind (Mushin) Block w/ 3 Counters (including 1 kick)
Awareness Point Sparring (tournament style)
Breathing Exercises Visual Imagery
Recommended Reading The Complete Iron Palm by Brian Gray
Stances Crane Stance, Closed Kneel Stance
Blocking Systems & Techniques 8 Point w/ Twisting (block & strike)
Hand Strikes (Elbows) U Punch, Tiger Rakes
Kicks (Knees) Tiger Stomp Takedown, Crane Throw
Sweeps & Takedowns Tiger Stomp Takedown, Crane Throw
Kempos Flying Dragon, Tiger Raker
Combinations #9, #12
Forms Stature of the Crane
Ju-Jitsu Headlocks
Sparring Techniques (Kumite) Ground Fighting, Timing & Rhythm
Grappling (Randori) Basic Skills on Back (reversals & escapes)
No-Mind (Mushin) Vulnerable Positions (standing)
Awareness Flag Sparring (single & multiple)
Breathing Exercises Meditation w/ mantra
Recommended Text Reading Deadly Karate Blows by Brian Adams
Blocking Systems & Techniques 8 Point w/ Any Counter (kicks, punches, pokes), Monkey Block, Wing Block
Hand Strikes (Elbows) Spinning Backfist, Tiger Palm to Groin, Tiger Mouth, Snow Leopard Strike
Kicks (Knees) Axe Kick (reverse & forward)
Sweeps & Takedowns Major Reap, Head Twist
Kempos Snow Leapord, Flying Knees
Combinations #1, #10
Forms 3 Pinion
Ju-Jitsu Shoulder Grabs
Sparring Techniques (Kumite) Advanced Spinning & Jumping Techniques
Grappling (Randori) Basic Skills Lying on Stomach (reversals & escapes)
No-Mind (Mushin) Vulnerable Positions (kneeling & striking)
Awareness Takedown Drill
Breathing Exercises Basic Meditation (flowing river)
Speed 3 Strikers w/ Variety (in 1 second)
Clubs Poking Club Defense
Knives Downward Defense
Introductory Board Breaking 3 single boards (multiple strikes)
Written Examination Martial Arts Definitions (20 Questions)
Recommended Text Reading American Law and the Trained Fighter by Carl Brown
Stances Cross Stance
Blocking Systems & Techniques 10 Point Blocking System, Circle Tiger Blocks, Black Tiger Blocks, Basic Eagle Block
Hand Strikes (Elbows) Iron Thumb, X-Strike to Throat
Kicks (Knees) Hook Kick (heal & sole)
Sweeps & Takedowns Leg Scissoring Takedown, Tiger Roll Takedown
Kempos Smashing Tiger, Tiger Kicks the Sand, Black Tiger
Combinations #17, #19, #24
Forms 4 Pinion
Ju-Jitsu No-Mind Front Grabs w/ Motion
Sparring Techniques (Kumite) Initiating Upper Body Takedown
Grappling (Randori) Freestyle / Standing
No-Mind (Mushin) Counter w/ 2-3 Strikes & A Takedown
Awareness BOA (snake) Seizing Drill
Breathing Exercises Stationary Chi Kung Exercises
Speed 3 Strikes w/ 1 Spin Included (in 1 second)
Clubs Club Attacks While Being Held w/ One Hand
Guns Frontal (close range)
Knives Slashing
Introductory Board Breaking Single Board w/ Spinning Hand Strike
Introductory Staff Jo Staff Exercises
Written Examination Kempo History & Animals (20 Questions)
Recommended Text Reading In Search of Kempo by James Mitose
Stances Bow Stance (foward & reverse)
Blocking Systems & Techniques Trapping Blocks
Hand Strikes (Elbows) Leopard Paw, Trigger Finger
Kicks (Knees) Spinning Hook Kick, Heel Kick (dropping & rising)
Sweeps & Takedowns Arm Bar Takedown, Ankle Manipulations, Leopard Tackle
Kempos Leopard Rolls Through the High Grass, Leopard Tackles Prey, Leopard Climbs Down the Tree
Combinations #11, #16, #21
Forms 5 Pinion
Ju-Jitsu No-Mind Back Grabs w/ Motion
Sparring Techniques (Kumite) Initiating Lower Body Takedowns
Grappling (Randori) Advanced Lockups (arms, legs, strangle holds)
No-Mind (Mushin) Scenario (i.e.: Elevators, chairs, cars, highway, etc.)
Awareness Sticky Hands Drill
Speed 3 Strikes w/ 1 Spin Included (in 1 second)
Clubs Club Attacks While Being Restrained by Club
Guns Back (close range)
Knives Poking
Introductory Staff Jo Form & Applications
Introductory Board Breaking Single Board w/ Spinning Kick
Written Examination Martial Arts Techniques (20 Questions)
Recommended Text Reading Tao Te Ching – A New English Version by Stephen Mitchell
Blocking Systems & Techniques 4 Point Blocking, Basic Scissor Block
Hand Strikes (Elbows) Crane’s Wing, Immortal Man
Kicks (Knees) Jumping Front Ball Kick
Sweeps & Takedowns Sweeping & Pulling w/ Legs (scoop kicks), Hip Tosses (forward & back)
Kempos Crane’s Wings, Crane Takes Flight, Hopping Crane
Combinations #20, #22, #23
Forms 3 Kata
Ju-Jitsu Ankles & Knee Grabs
Sparring Techniques (Kumite) Kempo Sparring w/ Striking Focus
Grappling (Randori) Kempo Sparring w/ Randori Focus
No-Mind (Mushin) Household Weapons, Sports Equipment Weapons
Awareness Sticky Legs Drill
Speed 4 Strikes w/ 1 Spin Included (in 1 second)
Clubs No-Mind Role Playing
Guns Distance Techniques
Knives Front Grabs w/ Knife
Introductory Staff Bo Staff Set / Exercise
Introductory Board Breaking 3 Single Boards (multiple strikes spinning)
Written Examination Anatomy & Chi Concepts
Recommended Text Reading Chi Kung by Yang Jwing Ming
Blocking Systems & Techniques Upholding Block
Hand Strikes (Elbows) Snake Bite, Buddha Palm
Kicks (Knees) Snake Kicks (upward & jabbing)
Sweeps & Takedowns Removing the Pillars w/ Sweeping Motion
Kempos Snake Coils Around the Tree Branch, Snake Darts out Tongue, Snake Shoots Venom
Combinations #13, #25, #28
Forms 4 Kata
Ju-Jitsu Escapes (strategic & technical grabs)
Sparring Techniques (Kumite) Blindfolded
Grappling (Randori) Blindfolded
No-Mind (Mushin) Lying Down Position
Awareness Octagon
Speed 4 Strikes w/ Spin & 1 Kick Included (in 1 second)
Clubs Attacker w/ 2 Clubs
Guns w/ Role Playing
Knives Back Grabs /w Knife
Introductory Board Breaking 2 Boards (knees / kicks)
Introductory Staff Bo Staff Form #1
Written Examination Self Defense Concepts (20 Questions)
Recommended Text Reading Fountain of Youth by Peter Kelder
Blocking Systems & Techniques Dropping Elbow, Phoenix Eye, Iron Wall, Dragon Hand
Hand Strikes (Elbows) Dragon Punches
Kicks (Knees) Smashing Kick, Scissor Kick, Flying Side Kick, Dragon Kicks
Sweeps & Takedowns Knocking Down Both Pillars
Kempos Dragon Rides the Wind, Double Dragon, Dragon Whips Tail
Combinations #14, #15, #26
Forms 5 Kata, 2 Person Fist Set
Ju-Jitsu 2 Person
Sparring Techniques (Kumite) w/ Multiple Partners
Grappling (Randori) 2 Person
No-Mind (Mushin) 2 Person Attack
Awareness Dragon Circle
Breathing Exercises 5 Tibetan Rites
Speed 4 Strikes (2 kicks included) w/ Spins (in 1 second)
Clubs No-Mind Role Playing
Guns No-Mind Role Playing
Knives Attackers w/ 2 Knives
Introductory Staff Bo Staff Applications
Introductiory Board Breaking 2 Boards (elbow & hands)
Written Examination All Martial Arts Topics (100 Questions)
Recommended Text Reading Tao Of Jeet Kung Do by Bruce Lee