About Us

About Shaolin Self-Defense Centers

Our center is a family oriented dojo specializing in training students in the martial arts, as well as taking an active role in the Long Island community! We have been actively involved in the Long Island community since 1984 and have participated in events including health fairs, safety awareness demonstrations, PTA functions, as well as school activities and celebrations!

Our philosophy is to provide our students with self-defense training in which each individual builds respect, self-esteem and self-confidence!

As a prospective student we would like you to know that Shaolin Self-Defense Centers is committed to providing the benefits of martial arts lessons to all age groups in a fun energetic atmosphere.

Some of the benefits for students are:

  • Being able to focus their energies in a fun, healthy & productive manner
  • Building confidence, discipline, and respect
  • Building strength, and improving flexibility
  • Learning to defend themselves
  • Don't know if you have the time?

We have a wide selection of class sessions. Check out our schedule to find the right time for you. Whether you are an adult who wants to know the ins and outs of self-defense, or one who wants to get in shape in a fun dynamic class we will show you the way. Or if you are a parent who wants their child to be confident we will show them the way and teach them how to defend themselves even before there is a chance of a fight!

School Patch

The School Patch is to be worn over the heart on our gi's. The word "Shaolin" means: Young Pine Tree Forest. When one comes into our centers they are young (independent of their true age). As time progresses and lessons are learned and techniques are mastered, the student begins to mature, just a a pinecone turns into a tree.

The Chinese lettering on the patch, is translated to "Study with Mind and Body for Life". This concept is important to remember, that as a true Martial Artists we must exercise our minds as well as our bodies.

The color Yellow in the school patch is symbolic of the first belt one attains. The color Black in the school patch is symbolic of the attainment of Black Belt status by the student. The color Red in the school patch is symbolic of the mastery level. Each level is and end and a beginning in itself.


  • RESPECT - Treating Others the way you would want to be treated.
  • SELF CONTROL - Controlling my behavior to match the situation.
  • SELF DISCIPLINE - Doing the things I know should be done, without being told.
  • INTEGRITY - Being honest with myself and others, Tell the truth
  • EFFORT - Trying my best in all that I do.

(Students are expected to put these rules into practice, both in and out of the Center)